Teeth Whitening

It doesn’t matter how healthy and perfectly aligned your teeth are if their color is way off. Unfortunately, teeth tend to yellow with age – and darken with habits like tea, coffee and cigarettes. And that’s not to mention the pigmentation and discoloration that can happen as a result of mineral deficiencies, medication, etc.

Fortunately, all of these problems can be reversed easily. All it takes is a simple tooth whitening procedure. Here’s why you may want to come to our clinic for yours instead of going for the DIY options that are likely available to you.

Why Visit a Dentist for Your Whitening?

There’s only one effective way to whiten your teeth: by removing a little bit of their top layer. That might sound freaky, but the material it’s made from – dental enamel – is both thick and extremely durable. Removing a micro-layer doesn’t do anything to ruin your healthy teeth, but it does reveal the naturally white teeth you have and give you that youthful, glowing smile infants have.

The problem is that doing this process yourself means taking a gamble. You may remove the right amount of enamel; you may not. You may also find that some parts of your teeth are evenly white while others look like they’ve got blobs on them. In the worst case scenario, you may even remove so much enamel that your teeth become extremely sensitive to temperature changes – which is, obviously, not desirable.

This is why we don’t recommend DIY teeth whitening options unless you know what you’re doing really well. If you want a cheaper alternative to getting professional teeth whitening, our clinic offers affordable take-home kits. These are made by professionals, so you can count on the solution to be neither too strong nor too weak. You also get taught to use the kit, making sure you remove just the right amount of enamel.

Alternatively, you can get a…

Professional Teeth Whitening

The hands-down best option is getting your teeth whitened by an experienced dentist. This will guarantee your teeth don’t get overexposed to the enamel-removing solution, preventing complications and temporary discomfort.

It’s also the surest way to get an even whitening effect, and make sure you never get blotches or oddly-colored patches of enamel.

How does the process work?

It’s very simple. All you do is sign up for a dental appointment. During that appointment, your doctor will tell you whether whitening is right for you. (If your enamel’s naturally thin, you may be better off with veneers.)

Afterwards, you can move on to having your first whitening section in as little as 30 minutes! Professional whitening services are longer-lasting than the home alternatives, so in most cases, you’ll only need a couple of sessions to enjoy white, healthy teeth.

If you’d like to find out more or get a 100% free, no-obligation quote, simply call us at (781) 277-3120. We look forward to answering any and all questions you may have!

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"Dr Singh and his staff are true professionals they are knowledgeable. I've never been comfortable visiting the dentist until discovering this gem of a doctor. they provided a clean room complete with a massage chair and netflix or music.Everyone is friendly and quick to make sure you are comfortable. My experience was painless and positive despite the cavities which were being filled. I have found my dentist and have no desire to ever find another."


"Seriously I can't thank Dr. Singh enough. Pain free as of today quick very easy to deal with. Talked me through everything. I would tell anyone who's looking for a good dentist to go to a great one in Dr. Singh.... Thank you so much for working with me and fitting me in both visits and being quick and great through all of it... If you're not going here you're going to a terrible place... Will be back for any future work as well as recommendations to all friends and family."


"Dr. Singh was so up to date and current on what is going on in the field. super friendly and straightforward about what was necessary and not and how I could best fit my dental work into my budget. His hygienist was a riot and really worked with me since I am squeamish. Best dentist I have ever been to. And btw all of their equipment is new they have netflix and the dental chair gives massages. Does it get any better?"

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