Dental Implants

Getting modern dental implants is easy as A-B-C. All that’s required is a small incision in your gum tissue, through which a screw is fused to your jawbone. Afterwards, additional parts – like bridges, crowns and abutments – are attached to the screw in the same way they would be to an organic tooth root. This is usually done in 1 of 2 ways identified as safe by the American Dental Association. These are…

Endosteal and Subperiosteal Implants

With the endosteal method, an implant is grafted directly inside your jawbone. This implant is later connected to a “post”, or screw, via your gum tissue in exactly the same way a regular tooth would be. When using the endosteal method, you can choose to do whatever you want with the post – attach a crown, replace a full mouth of teeth using dentures, etc.

The subperiosteal method is a little different. Here, an implant is attached onto your jawbone right under your gum tissue. Posts are attached to this frame, just as they would be in an endosteal implant.

These differences may seem subtle – and to the person receiving the implant, it may be impossible to tell which method was used. However, they endosteal and subperiosteal techniques differ greatly from a doctor’s point of view. One involves grafting something inside a bone, the other – on top of the bone.

There’s also a third, less common method, which is called…


Transosteal implants are attached below and through the jaw, meaning they enter the jawbone at the bottom and exit as columns through the gum tissue. This kind of implant is met less frequently because it requires more work to do well – and doesn’t do much that the other 2 kinds don’t.

How Long Does it Take to Get Implants?

In the past, replacing a full mouth of teeth could require 8 or even 12 implants. Today, “all-on-four” technology means that a full set of 32 can be replaced with 4 simple implants. This greatly reduces the time you need for healing and recovery – and means that older people can get extremely realistic permanent dentures without enduring a double-digit number of operations.

If you’ve had a tooth or multiple teeth missing for a while, it’s possible that your jawbone has started to wear thin and deteriorate. This is a natural process – but it, too, can be reversed. Reinforcing your jawbone takes months but is definitely possible – and is really the only thing that can significantly extend the time it takes to get implants.

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When it comes to implants, you want your next move to always be your best move – and we’d love to help you make sure that’s exactly what happens.

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