Complete Checkups

Your teeth need attention and timely dental care to stay healthy and attractive. The outer layer of your teeth is made from hard enamel, but a number of factors – like sugary foods or failing to see a doctor on time – can result in damaged, chipped and even missing teeth.

As many as 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth; to make sure you never have to join their ranks, it’s worth coming in to see a dentist regularly for complete check-ups, like the ones we offer here at South Shore Dental Clinic.

Here’s what happens during a routine check-up…

  1. Digital X-Ray

    Traditional X-Rays work great, but they also carry many risks. Specifically, any kind of radiation can result in benign tumors and/or cancer – especially when a patient is exposed to it frequently. This includes X-Rays.

    Fortunately, our clinic offers modern digital X-Ray equipment which provides high-resolution scans of your teeth and jawbone without exposing you to radiation. With our equipment, we won’t ask you to sit “perfectly still” the same way a regular scan requires. This is important because it means you don’t have to get multiple X-Rays to make sure there’s a high-quality one. It’s also great news if you have kids that you don’t want to be exposed to radiation.

    And while the X-Ray will help us identify the treatment your hard tissues may need, we also provide…
  2. Oral Cancer Screenings

    Around 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. That may not seem like a large number – but since around 50% of these cases cause patient death within 5 years, you definitely want to get regular check-ups for the disease.

    This is the other reason it’s important to see a dentist regularly. He or she will be able to tell you whether you have any tumors, benign or otherwise, in your soft mouth tissue. They will also be able to diagnose you if you suffer from Human Papilloma Virus, gum disease or anything else that may threaten your health, or that of your teeth.

    The third common service we offer as part of our check-ups is…
  3. Professional Dental Cleanings

    Brushing, flossing and Listerine are 3 effective ways to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. However, the truth is that even perfect dental hygiene can’t fully protect your teeth from plaque, tartar and – eventually – cavities.

    This is why it’s highly recommended to get your teeth cleaned by a dentist every once in awhile. This will keep your teeth white and healthy while removing hardened tartar that can lead to tooth decay, cavities, etc.

    Of course, if you have unique needs – say, you’ve had a mineral deficiency in the past – you may want to add other general dental services, like fluoride applications, to your regular check-up.

To get a free consultation or book a check-up immediately, contact us at (781) 277-3120. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Happy Customers

"Dr Singh and his staff are true professionals they are knowledgeable. I've never been comfortable visiting the dentist until discovering this gem of a doctor. they provided a clean room complete with a massage chair and netflix or music.Everyone is friendly and quick to make sure you are comfortable. My experience was painless and positive despite the cavities which were being filled. I have found my dentist and have no desire to ever find another."


"Seriously I can't thank Dr. Singh enough. Pain free as of today quick very easy to deal with. Talked me through everything. I would tell anyone who's looking for a good dentist to go to a great one in Dr. Singh.... Thank you so much for working with me and fitting me in both visits and being quick and great through all of it... If you're not going here you're going to a terrible place... Will be back for any future work as well as recommendations to all friends and family."


"Dr. Singh was so up to date and current on what is going on in the field. super friendly and straightforward about what was necessary and not and how I could best fit my dental work into my budget. His hygienist was a riot and really worked with me since I am squeamish. Best dentist I have ever been to. And btw all of their equipment is new they have netflix and the dental chair gives massages. Does it get any better?"

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